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How to Understand Different Types of Coffee Drinks

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Understand Different Types of Coffee Drinks

Go into a coffe shop and you may hear an order such as "I'll have a venti latte half decaf with skim milk". The first time I heard this, I wanted to run out the door. What language were they talking? I just wanted a large black coffee. When you go to the store or a coffee shop, there is a list of types of coffee you can choose from. Understanding your options can make ordering your morning cup o joe easier.

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        Espresso pronounced [ess-PRESS-o]
        A 1 or 2 ounce drink, making it a very small size, made by forcing pressured hot water through finely ground dark roasted coffee beans. Do not be fooled by its size. Espresso is very strong. Many people order regular coffe with a shot of expresso added, to strengthen the coffee.

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        CaffÈ Latte pronounced [caf-AY LAH-tay]
        Caffe latte is espresso with steamed milk forming a small topping of foam. It has less foam than a cappuccino

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        If you want an expresso, latte style, but with steamed "half & half" or cream, the actual name is Breve. Note: you can order it in its decription versus breve if you forget.

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        Cappuccino pronounced [cap-uh-CHEE-no]
        A cup of 1/3 espresso (1 shot) 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 foam.

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        CafÉ au lait pronounced [cah-FAY oh LAY]
        "Regular" coffee and heated milk (or scalded milk) in latte proportions. The coffee is brewed in double strength.

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        CaffÈ Mocha pronounced [caf-AY MO-kah]
        A latte or a cappuccino with chocolate syrup or hot cocoa. This varies from each store and area. Make sure yu clarify before ordering.

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        One final distinction is iced coffees: Cappuccino is a double shot of espresso over crushed ice with an two ounces of cold milk and milk froth.
        As an iced espresso is a double shot of espresso over crushed ice, with whipped cream

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